Tuesday, January 27, 2015

TT5 - Super Bowl Halftime Wish List

With this being Super Bowl week, most of America and a decent chunk of the planet will be tuning in on Sunday to watch the biggest sporting event in the world. I, on the other hand, will not be. As a Packers fan, it'll be too much to watch the Super Bowl this year knowing how close we were and how much we deserved to be there. It's just like watching your ex-girlfriend win Miss America; you just can't bear to watch it. Anyway, the halftime show this year will be Katy Perry, who I'm sure will put on one heck of a performance as I am a fan of hers and think she's one of the bright sides of pop music today. One day, I wish that the halftime talent is someone on the heavier side. I think the heaviest band to play a halftime show so far was Aerosmith (who's guests included Britney Spears, 'N Sync, Mary J Blige, and Nelly). So in a perfect world, here would be a great place to start when picking an act with a little more edge.

5) Jay Z / Kanye West
I know you're thinking I'm crazy for classifying Hov and Ye as "heavy", but you should listen to Watch the Throne, Yeezus, and Magna Carta Holy Grail. All of those albums are very much hip hop to the core, but all of which are very heavy and I know that with these two performers on stage, the volume would be up, the light show would be intense, and the crowd would be on their feet.

4) Led Zeppelin
I did say that this list took place in a perfect world, didn't I? You and I both know that if LZ were to reunite and play again, the Super Bowl would be the least of their priorities. But hey, a guy can dream right? A 5 song medley of Kashmir, Whole Lotta Love, Black Dog, In My Time of Dying, and Communication Breakdown would be such a killer halftime show that the crowd would cheer for an encore and boo when the players come back on the field.

3) Iron Maiden
I don't need to explain the credentials of Mighty Maiden. This band would laugh at the fact that the Super Bowl crowd would only be about 80,000 people. These Brits play to crowds of that size every week it seems like. Bruce would never let the energy die down for the entirety of their 15 minute slot because he wouldn't stop running and waving his hands high above his head. The only downside is that 15 minutes of Iron Maiden is only enough time for about 3 or 4 songs but hot damn, they'd be tremendous.

2) Metallica
The reigning kings of metal! Metallica needs no introduction as their music is used in stadiums throughout the world to pump up players and fans alike. The only thing better than playing Enter Sandman at a sporting event is having Metallica play it for you. The biggest problem with Metallica playing the halftime show is that their fans all over the world would tirelessly debate about what songs to play and no matter what they choose, some of those fans will cry for the heavens because their favorite 'tallica song wasn't played.

1) AC/DC
Power chords were meant for AC/DC and AC/DC was meant for power chords. Power chords have mass appeal and instantly create a simple groove that everyone can dig. AC/DC's worst is better than most bands best and everyone loves their music and knows all the words to most of their songs. They're a shoo-in for this gig and anyone in their right mind wishes to Shook All Night Long by AC/DC.

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