Friday, January 23, 2015

Friday Floyd - 1/23/15

With a band as huge and as popular as Pink Floyd, it's very hard to call any song of their's a "hidden gem". I mean for crying out loud, only 6 artists in history have sold more records. There is a lot of love for (and deservedly so) for the big 4 Floyd albums so any sort of "hidden gem" would have to be found elsewhere. My favorite deep track of the Floyd is the song Fearless from Meddle. This song starts off slow but features one of the best riffs that PF ever performed. At the very end of the song, a recording of Liverpool FC faithful can be heard singing their anthem You'll Never Walk Alone which as a LFC fan, I very much enjoy.

A surprising fact about this song is that Roger Waters (bassist) plays the acoustic guitar parts, rather than David Gilmour, the band's usual guitarist.

The meaning of the lyrics is uncertain, but some debate that they might tell a portion of the story of Jesus's life. See for yourself.....

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